“It is impossible to ignore the effect of influencers on the path to purchase”, says Fiona King, General Manager at TORSTAR.

However, she reminds, there are some key factors that should be considered when engaging influencers to promote your brand or product:

  1. It is NOT just about the number of followers – although an influencer showcasing an abundance of flesh accompanied with a mastered pout #duckface may have a following that surpasses 6 figures, it is important to understand the composition of that following, as more than likely 90% of that audience are not necessarily the audience you intend to talk to…..ask for case studies, insights and data #deepdive
  2. Authenticity is A-game – consumers are incredibly savvy, so it is important when aligning with an influencer that they truly love your product, or demonstrate key attributes that reflect your product and brand.
  3. One post doesn’t cut it – it is important to be creative and either work with a high reaching publication to secure brand stories and have this promoted and linked to the influencer endorsement, or engage the influencer to create content that can also be leveraged via paid media. Content with longevity is the key and this assists with your brand and product SEO.

TORSTAR focuses on influencer amplification campaigns that are strategic and measurable. If you are thinking about engaging influencers or are not getting the results that you expected, feel free to contact TORSTAR on enquiries@torstar.com.au