Andalou Naturals, America’s #1 natural skincare brand will officially launch in Australia with an exclusive distribution deal with Priceline.

The brand will launch in over 450 stores nationally in April 2018.  Andalou Naturals was acquired by BWX Limited (owner of Australia’s #1 Natural Brand- Sukin) in 2017.

Andalou aims to accelerate sales growth in the Natural beauty segment with the Priceline partnership, by introducing Australians to Fruit Stem Cell Science®.

Brand Founder Stacey Kelly Egide says “Andalou Naturals was created to deliver a new industry standard in natural performance. It utilises the latest ingredient technology to deliver real-time results that rival any synthetic product”.

Pioneering this natural cosmeceutical approach she developed signature Fruit Stem Cell innovation, unique to every Andalou Naturals product.   For over 30 years Stacey has devoted herself to understanding the way nature delivers results and was a leader in establishing the natural skincare category in North America.

“Australians are looking for innovation in Natural skincare as consumers are becoming increasingly aware about what they put in and on their bodies,” says Tina Randello Marketing Director BWX.

Our research shows that 1 in 2 Australian consumers say they “prefer to use natural products” (N=2000 women, Data 2 Decisions Research 2017), “one of the barriers that still exists is the myth that natural products can’t be as effective as synthetic products.  While nature’s power isn’t anything new, advances in science and the human desire to look for cleaner ways to nourish our skin is driving innovation and growth in the category”.

Fruit Stem Cell Science® is Andalou Naturals’ signature innovation, and contained in every product. A super antioxidant defense system in a patented liposomal technology allowing targeted delivery of the active ingredient formulations.

The portfolio of potent, bioactive ingredients includes:
PhytoCellTec® Malus Domestica is a patented liposome derived from the ‘Uttwiler Spatlauber’, a rare Swiss apple, known for its unique longevity potential and ability to protect skin stem cells from premature aging.

PhytoCellTec® Solar Vitis is derived from a rare grape cultivar with particularly high tannin levels and strong tolerance to UV exposure, helping to protect the skin from UV and environmental stresses.

PhytoCellTec® Alp Rose is derived from the stem cells of the alpine rose leaf. The alpine rose grows at very high altitudes and has successfully adapted to protect against extreme cold, dryness, and UV exposure.

PhytoCellTec® Argan stem cells are derived from the highly resistant Argan tree, and demonstrate a protecting effect on dermal stem cells with the capability of accelerating the skin’s own repair process.

There are five ranges, each targeted to one of the top 5 skin care concerns of Australian women: ageing, blemish prone, super sensitive or deeply dehydrated and dull skin (N=2000 women, Data 2 Decisions Research 2017).  And to make the shopping process even easier, each range is clearly colour blocked.

  1. Age Defying:  Resveratrol and CoQ10, super-antioxidants support collagen and elastin, the skin’s essential building blocks, while an abundance of plant omegas deeply nourish for a more lifted, firmer appearance and a fresh, rejuvenated complexion.
  2. Quenching:  The ultimate in hydration, Certified AquaCacteen, derived from the prickly pear cactus, to nourish and soothe as water-binding nutrients provide lasting and deep hydration for a lifted, firmer appearance – plus certified organic coconut amino acids and electrolytes to renew vitality for a healthy complexion.
  3. Sensitive: PhytoCellTec Alpine Rose Stem Cells support the skin’s moisture barrier to help counteract redness and sensitivity, uplift appearance and strengthen resilience. Pomegranate, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera replenish and revive for a flawless looking complexion.
  4. Brightening:  Vitamin C, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, supports the skin’s vitality by targeting dull, dry and overexposed surface cells, while promoting a lighter, tighter, brighter appearance for a luminous complexion.
  5. Clear Skin:  PhytoCellTec ® Argan Stem Cells support the skin’s tone and connective matrix, collagen and elastin, protecting and energising.  Kombucha probiotics and Willow Bark purify pores for a balanced, smoother looking complexion.


Andalou Naturals Age Defying Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream is the #1 seller for the brand in the USA and the highest performer in the Natural Channel Face category.

The brand holds 4 of the top 5 top selling face products in the category (SPINS data 28/1/08).  This is real evidence of Andalou Naturals efficacy and the confidence it has achieved with US shoppers.

Natural skincare products targeting aging have typically struggled to achieve penetration versus their synthetic peers – Andalou Naturals is breaking category norms.

A brand designed for women also supports women. By investing in and bringing visibility to extraordinary women around the world, Andalou’s Path of Light Foundation is an enabler for women to unleash their leadership potential. The Foundation transforms lives and accelerates the path to peace and prosperity in their communities.

Andalou Naturals Path of Light Foundation supports programs such as SHECAN and Vital Voice, and the brand will bring this work to Australia, where they are currently identifying organisations that focus on empowering women locally.

Andalou Naturals believes that beauty is a choice, it is about how you think, feel and behave.

And it is a woman’s right to be empowered.

*SPINS data 28/1/08 share of face


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