#BABESOFMISSGUIDED is a global digital initiative that spotlights a diverse collection of talented and empowering women who represent all shades of creative expression.

TORSTAR were engaged on behalf of MISSGUIDED to deliver local insights to identify Australia’s first Babe.

As the brand’s eyes and ears on the ground in this market, TORSTAR’s focus is to create region specific content that directly speaks to local consumers.   The content created will be utilized globally to connect a wider international audience via social platforms and the #BABESOFMISSGUIDED hashtag.

Emerging female musician, DJ Tigerlily aka Dara, is a 23 years old from Sydney who plays big melodic tracks to packed dance floors in Australia and around the world. With a cult social media following, Dara’s creative nature and attitude naturally embodies MISSGUIDED’s brand philosophies and ethos making her the ideal first #BABESOFMISSGUIDED in this market.

Shot on the streets of Sydney’s Surry Hills, Tigerlily’s #BABESOFMISSGUIDED shoot will be bought to life across MISSGUIDED’s international digital platforms from September 2015.