Supermodel Kate Moss credits SEEDLIP, the World’s First Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit, as her afternoon tipple and recent creative inspiration. Kate leads the supermodel love for this zero calorie, sugar free non-alcoholic spirit sharing her passion for SEEDLIP Spice and Tonics with Founder Ben Branson who is driving the global trend of sophisticated booze-free drinking.

SEEDLIP, is on a mission to solve the dilemma of ‘What to Drink when you’re Not Drinking®’ and launched in Luxury store Selfridges and has since been championed by some of the world’s most celebrated Michelin starred chefs and bartenders including The Fat Duck, The Ledbury, Clove Club, Dandelyan, Dead Rabbit, French Laundry and The American Bar at The Savoy.

Kate Moss has graced over 300 international magazine covers and is a darling of the fashion set. She is a Vogue favourite which credits SEEDLIP as the go-to beverage worldwide.

The brainchild of UK-based entrepreneur and botany enthusiast Ben Branson, SEEDLIP is available in two expressions; SEEDLIP Garden 108 is bright and herbal with six distillates including hand-picked Peas from Branson’s family farm in Lincolnshire. SEEDLIP Spice 94 is complex and aromatic with six distillates including Jamaican All Spice berries and American Oak. Best served with tonic, both offer a sophisticated alternative to sweet mocktails or soft drinks.

“Meeting Kate was surreal and as we grow Seedlip internationally having such a global icon and influencer of taste like her supporting us is incredible” says Branson, Founder of Seedlip.

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About SEEDLIP: Headquarered in London, England, Seedlip is a nature company dedicated to changing the way the world drinks by pioneering the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Solving the dilemma of “What to drink when you’re not drinking®” Seedlip offers a sophisticated alternative to overly sweet or fruity options and is served at

prestigious cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants and retailers across London, Copenhagen, Milan, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco including more than 80 Michelin-starred restaurants.

SEEDLIP’s history stems from the 17th century when Branson’s family began farming and a book named The Art of Distillation offering forgotten copper-stilled, non-alcoholic remedies. Branson found the book in 2013 and began experimenting with a copper still in his kitchen in the woods.

Seedlip is alcohol free – sugar free – sweetener free – calorie free – allergen free Seedlip has no unopened shelf life, does not require refrigeration and once opened is recommended to be consumed within 3-6 months. Seedlip is available in 700ml bottles with 14x servings per bottle.

Signature serve: Seedlip Garden & Tonic    Fill a highball glass full with ice. Add 1 ¾ oz Seedlip Garden 108. Add a handful of fresh peas. Top with tonic water.

Signature serve: Seedlip Spice & Tonic    Fill a highball glass full with ice. Add 1 ¾ oz Seedlip Spice 94. Top with tonic water. Garnish with a red grapefruit twist.

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