It’s hard to imagine a time when PR professionals haven’t been creating content. Used by PR’s to drive brand awareness, create trust and present a holistic brand profile, creative storytelling has always been the backbone of what we do – the only major change in the current climate is the arrival of new distribution methods delivered through digital media.

PR professionals understand the influence and power well produced content can have, especially when distributed through targeted channels within a context that makes sense to the audience. The explosion of digital and social media channels have segmented audiences to such an extent that brands can now afford to be niche and successful and PR is integral to this process, creating the pathway to direct messaging through a breadth of channels.

Shifting media budgets and the increased demand for digital content has altered the playing field, effectively turning brands into publishers. Where once Journalists and Editors were the sole gatekeepers of a brands’ positioning or popularity, this swing in direction has had a profound effect on the role of PR, re-emphasising the contribution smart, engaging PR strategy can deliver to brand building strategy.

This is delivering back to PR because in order to stand out and appeal to an audience, content needs to be creative, strategic, timely and relevant without compromising on brand values – all the ingredients used by PR’s who’s key objective is to communicate an intimate understanding of a brands market positioning to ensure the content created tells the story and sells the message.

Our challenge for 2016 is to find the right mix between influencer engagement and owned original content to help brands remain relevant and ensure the brand story continues to be told.