TORSTAR is an agenda-setting brand communications agency with a eighteen-year track record of developing iconic campaigns for some of the world’s top consumer brands. With years of insight into global consumer and retail behaviour and a strong focus on brand strategy, TORSTAR has established itself as one of the agencies of choice for international retail brands launching into the Australian lifestyle market.

TORSTAR was the first Australian PR agency to launch six international high-street retailers into the local metropolitan market, managing highly-successful launch campaigns for Sephora, Zara, Topshop, Next, Shopbop and Forever 21. Stand-out international brand launch “spectaculars” like Zara, Forever 21, TopShop and Neiman Marcus aren’t just happy accidents of the Australian retail market – the woman driving the extraordinary turnout is recognised as one of the leading brand advocates in the Australian retail and lifestyle market.


TORSTAR’s founder and chief executive – has built her own brand on the strength of the ambitions she has applied to those brands in her charge.

On global ambitions, Ms Archbold doesn’t just talk the talk. She has built a formidable reputation around her extraordinary brand success stories, taking nascent brands like Seafolly and Fossil Group, and helping to shape globally recognised lifestyle leaders in the process.

Additionally, Tory is passionate about sharing her learnings and knowledge to mentor young women. She regularly contributes to industry forums, discussions and is a committee member of SunSCHine supporting the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

“We differ from our competitors by valuing brand strategy and development. We work with CEO’s to really understand what they want to achieve in this market. Unlike many other agencies, our solutions will always address a company’s broader strategy in terms of hitting KPI’s and building awareness, engagement and sales.”

Tory Archbold – Founder and Chief Executive